Our Team

To provide the very best services to the clients we serve, Georgian Bay Residential Centre ensures our team of professionals are trained and supervised. Our team of staff and consultants include:

  1. Board Certified Behaviour Analyst – designs and supervises all clinical programs & services to help reduce challenging behaviours and teach appropriate skills.
  2. Registered Behaviour Technicians – all teams have a minimum of 1 lead staff that are certified as Registered Behaviour Technicians!
  3. Psychologist – consulting psychologists that oversee programs for clients who require additional assessments and treatment.
  4. Psychiatrist – work with consulting psychiatrists to ensure appropriate medical and psychological well being of our clients are attended to.
  5. Abuse Victim Counselors & Crisis Workers – trained staff to specifically work with individuals in emergency and crisis situations

Our Team

Each client may benefit from a different service or program. To ensure they are registered in the most appropriate program, families and referring agencies will be assigned a manager to review the client’s needs and our programs.

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Linda Cross